Fashion Night Out {Part 2}


{shirt: old, but similar here and I love this one} {belt: vintage, but similar here and obsessed with this one!} {purse: vintage like this one}

{skirt: ASOS} {heels: old, but these are very similar} {sunnies: Oakley} {bracelets: old J.Crew like this which is on sale, old bangles likes these}

I wore this outfit out to Fashion Night Out, except for the jacket which I had to add as it got a little cooler when we went to actually take the photo recap! I didn’t need the jacket on September 6th, but this past weekend got a little chilly by this North Carolinian’s standards, but I have to say I loved it! It definitely served as a reminder that Fall is here. I even bought my first cans of pumpkin and made some homemade bread so I’m totally ready.

Mix It Up


{dress: old, but similar here, here, here, and here} | {necklace: vintage, but similar here, here, and here} | {sunnies: Oakley} | {cardigan: old, but similar} {iPhone case: Michael Kors} | {bracelet: vintage, but similar here and here, and here} | {shoes: Sam Edelman}

This is one of my go-to dresses. I end up wearing it all the time because it’s so versatile. I add a blazer and dress it up or add a cardigan on my more casual days. All the different colors in the skirt means I can mix it up to keep it from being too boring and predictable. While I wear this dress all the time, my jewelry and accessories always change! It seems like I always find a different piece of jewelry that will pull out at least one color in the dress!

Since I wear this to work so often, it was nice to pair it with more casual jewelry like this vintage beads in varying shades of blue and with a vintage bracelet. But when I bought these Sam Edelman heels, I found myself daydreaming about where I could wear them with this dress. Fortunately, I didn’t have to couldn’t wait too long!

Since we were just out to Georgetown for a quick trip, I thought this iPhone case and wallet combination would be perfect. A funny story about this case though- Grae and I were out to dinner out of town and I saw this case at another table and just fell in love! Having my cards and my phone in a tiny, cute package was just perfect. Unfortunately, I didn’t know where she got it so Grae went over, asked, and then he gave it to me as a surprise for Christmas! Isn’t he just the sweetest?

Georgetown Nights

{dress} {earrings} {ring} {bracelets} {vintage – similar clutch} {vintage sandals}

Grae and I had a date night in Georgetown, so I fancied up a bit with a red dress to celebrate a night out.  I didn’t want to be too dressy, so I used a beach spray (Alterna Bamboo Boho Waves)  in my hair to keep it from looking too formal since it was just a fun summer night out.  It also gave me an excuse to wear some of my favorite vintage accessories!

Sheer Vintage


{blouse: vintage, similar}  {bracelet: Vince Camuto} {jeans: old} {belt: vintage, similar} {shoes: vintage, similar, similar}  {watch: custom, similar}  {bangles: vintage, similar, similar}



Happy Friday!

Weekend Roundup

Some presents were left for me by the ASOS fairy!

We went out for a low-key going away party Saturday night. I absolutely used it as an excuse to wear my new items!


Here’s a close-up of my new bracelet and belt.

After nearly seven years of searching, I have finally found a place in DC that sells my favorite drink on the planet- Cheerwine!

The Southwestern burger at BGR in DuPont.

Perfection, bottled.

 I met two of my favorite ladies for lunch on Sunday, and we ended up at BGR relaxing over burgers and Cheerwine before heading out for some fro-yo and siting in some sunshine for a few hours. It was a wonderful way to spend the last afternoon of my weekend. Of course Game of Thrones and Mad Men took up the last few hours!


How was your weekend? 

Vintage Jewelry

Over Easter, I was able to visit with family, and had just a great time spending time with everyone. The fact that my sweet Mama brought some jewelry for me was a fun bonus! I love vintage jewelry year-round, but I think it is even more fun in summer. Some of these were some things I had back home and hadn’t brought to DC, and some were new additions. Please excuse the poor photo quality, though!

 I love adding a long necklace to light summer dresses, and these 5 should fit in my collection perfectly

I haven’t had a chance to break out this watch yet, but I think it will be just perfect with the right outfit. I can’t wait to wear it! It adds so much drama. 

How cute is this pin? It’ll be a nice touch to my work wardrobe – just a touch of color to brighten my more neutral conservative outfits. 


I’ve already worn this necklace once this week. I think this might be my favorite of all the pieces because I like the femininity of the tassel that’s tampered by the use of chains. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.


Do you like vintage jewelry? If so, what have been your favorite finds? Do you stick to one era or style, or bounce around?